Why a short stay rental accommodation is better than a hotel

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Time for a holiday? Ready to make a booking? May we suggest a Regional Escapes short stay? After all, what does a hotel really give you? Sure, there’s a smiling receptionist to take your money and hand over your keys (although if you’re on a budget, some properties are even foregoing a front desk these days). But once you’re in your room, the average hotel offers guests a bed, a bathroom, and a closet, with varying levels of comfort. We urge you to seek more! 

  • A kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of a home, so don’t stay in a property with no heart! Having a kitchen in your short stay rental accommodation is a holiday game-changer. If you’re away for five nights in a hotel, you’re potentially paying for up to 15 dining-out meals. That’s a lot of cash to splash. If you have the option of a kitchen, you can have breakfast in, make rolls for lunch, then have a great dinner out. Or turn things on their head and go out for a lavish brunch and cook a quick pasta in the evening. 

The heart of the home is also the perfect place to gather over wine and cheese if you’re holidaying in a group. And you can even spice it up with cooking challenges between you and your friends! 

  • An extra measure of privacy

Rent a whole house and those oft-encountered thin hotel or motel walls are a thing of the past! You won’t need to worry about staying awake listening to your next-room neighbours arguing or their baby crying. (Conversely, if it’s your baby crying, you won’t need to worry about keeping other hotel guests awake either!) Having a house also means avoiding awkward lift rides with strangers and their luggage, and – big plus! – you can roll in after midnight without needing to tiptoe down a darkened hallway. 

  • A feeling of ‘home’

Staying in short stay rental accommodation gives you a wonderful feeling of homeliness (without the cobwebs you keep meaning to remove and the nest of socks under the bed!). It’s lovely to be on holiday, make a coffee (many of our properties have excellent espresso machines!), kick off your shoes and curl up for a bit of TV. It’s also fun to experience ‘home’ as other people see it – with different artworks, different books and different board games.  

  • An authentic local experience

Whether you choose an apartment or house smack-bang in the Geelong CBD, in a Bellarine Peninsula township or with direct beach access, you’ll be living local, surrounded by folks going about their day-to-day lives. Join them out and about for a morning stroll, at the local café or picnicking by the ocean. With short stay rental accommodation often also the better-value option, you can stay opt to stay longer and really get a lovely immersive feel for your destination. 

  • A convenient, great-value short stay in Geelong, Bellarine or Surf Coast

As noted above, staying short-term in a house or apartment is often cheaper than booking a hotel – and better value. (You’ve got that amazing kitchen for starters!) Researching and reserving online is as simple as logging onto your computer or pulling out your mobile. And with every listing providing plenty of details and images, you can easily find the right stay to fit your needs and preferences. And if you do need a little help with booking, or check-in, or during your stay? We’re always here for you! (Don’t just take our word for it – read up on what our guests have been saying about our wonderful properties and our super-host, Debbie!)  

Book your Surf Coast, Geelong or Bellarine Peninsula getaway  

The well-known and hidden gems of Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast are waiting to be discovered. Make the most of your holiday with all the cosiness, convenience and local immersion afforded by a short stay accommodation rental. 

 Regional Escapes specialises in providing exceptional holiday rentals and short stay accommodation. Whether you’re seeking city lights or a tranquil retreat, we have the property for you! Book your stay today – and feel free to give us a call on (03) 5292 3636 if you have any questions.