Fun (and free!) things to do around Geelong



The City of Geelong beckons with exciting adventures and cheap accommodation options, making it the ideal getaway destination for solo travellers, couples, and families alike. And we’re here to share that in Geelong you can enjoy fun activities that won’t cost you a fortune.

Free things to do in Geelong 

Weekends or holidays, Geelong offers many free experiences waiting to be explored.  

Visit the Bollard trail 

If you plan to visit Geelong, walking the famous Geelong Bollard Trail is a must! Each of the 100+ unique bollards will take you through the rich history of Geelong and its people. And you’ll get some great selfies with them, too. 

Ride the Ferris wheel  

Take your adventure to new heights with a scenic ride on the Hi-lite giant sky wheel. From above, you can enjoy mesmerising views of Geelong and Corio Bay—you may even see Melbourne in the distance! 

Tickets are available for purchase on the day at the base of the wheel. 

Explore Eastern beach 

Considered by many as one of Geelong’s top free attractions, Eastern Beach offers an array of activities for visitors, young and old. The scenic area has picnic spots, a well-appointed playground, an ocean swimming area surrounded by a unique art-deco-style boardwalk and beachfront. For little ones, there’s also a shallow fenced kiddie pool.  

For more fun, hop aboard the Thomas-the-Tank-Engine-like train along Eastern Beach waterfront. While there’s a fee for train rides, you can ride it to the historic Geelong pavilion, home to a 130+ year-old wooden horse carousel that still offers rides for a nominal fee.  

Discover museums  

Immerse yourself in artistic wonders at budget-friendly museums like the National Wool Museum and the Geelong Gaol Museum, each offering a unique glimpse into history and culture of the region. 

Grab some unique artisanal crafts and check out the National Wool Museums’ latest art exhibition on display. Or get drawn back into the history of Victorian justice inside the three-story former jail building that houses the Geelong Gaol Museum. Note each museum does have an entry fee.

Explore Geelong’s cultural precinct 

From the waterfront, you can stroll to the heart of the cultural precinct where the Geelong Library and Heritage Centre is located. Well-known as ‘the dome’ and affectionally called ‘the egg library’, this magnificent architectural marvel is a stunning backdrop for a panoramic photo of the bay from the fifth floor.  

And don’t miss popping in for a quick coffee at Tutti located inside Geelong’s newest architectural wonder, the Geelong Arts Centre. The building is a stunning example of how the traditional stories of the land can be told using architecture. If you have time book in for a show or event as they always have something interesting going on.   

Stroll through the Geelong Botanical Gardens 

Finally, a day in Geelong wouldn’t be complete without a stroll through the beautiful landscape in the Geelong  Botanical Garden. Truly one of Geelong’s best free tourist attractions, enjoying a picnic on the wide expansive of lawn is a must-do on a sunny day.  


Where to find cheap accommodations in Geelong

The only thing that you will regret about visiting Geelong is not staying here for a little longer. So, before you pack your things for an amazing trip, make sure to secure a place where you can stay for a while.   

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